Monday, October 28, 2013

BINGing IT: Monday morning post binge blues...

This past Saturday night, The Fabulous Feathermaye and Your's Truly sat down to begin a BINGE on one of our all time favorites: 


Sunday evening closed with the
final episode of Season 5

Leaving us with grand expectations
and the Monday morning POST BINGE blues.

It's a condition common for us Bingers; having the opportunity to view, without commercial interruption, an entire season of a well written, superbly cast and sharply executed production allows us to form real attachments to characters we come to love or dislike.

Sons delivers on all fronts!  If you recall: this was the season that JAX takes over the gavel at the head of the table.  Thrown head long into dealings with rival gangs, mafia, drug cartels as well as the CIA and  IRA.  All this while struggling--Michael Corleone style--to get the MC out of the gun and coke-muling business.

We were sad to see one of our favorite characters leave the show.  

But, like all the good ones, Sons of Anarchy left us, once again, anxious for next season.  

That's what Binge Watching does, after all: It allows the viewer to be pulled in fully, taking us through the drama without pause, except for those moments you choose to hit the rest room or Binge in the fridge.

It leaves us chomping at the bit for shows like: AMC's
HELL ON WHEELS in which our hero Bohannon is left to assume control of the construction of a rail road, cutting through the Post Civil War American West.

Bohannon, and his partner face compelling odds as they attempt to not only meet deadlines, but also keep the wild assortment of townspeople in line.

Binge Watching shows like these takes away the need to wait a week between episodes.  Personally, I've always hated TV scheduling for network programming.  It's like the man behind the curtain has always been in charge of what we watch, and when.

NETFLIX has already figured this out and is
gearing new shows for us Binge Watchers! Case in point: House of Cards...

Kevin Spacy leads a slick cast in this Political Drama that peels back the behind the scenes back stabbing and double dealing in

Likewise, one of our new favorites is based on a best selling book about women's prison:

Orange is the NEW Black takes the "Life in Prison" genre to new levels.

Just like House of Cards, NETFLIX is releasing EVERY EPISODE at ONCE!  So, no waiting on what happens next...Until you reach the end of
a season.  And, they are not going light weight on subject matter, or hesitant when it comes to subjects that you might not want to discuss in Sunday School.  Orange is the New Black doesn't hold back
on the shock factor, or the blunt trauma of Prison Life; and yet, even in the darkest recesses of a life most of us can only imagine, Orange is the New Black finds more than one way to bring humor to the front.  The characters are amazingly

flamboyant, while remaining painfully human.

How about that? Just telling all of you about Binging last weekend makes me feel so much less Blue... Now, what will we Binge Watch next?


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