Just who is S. Bond Herndon?

"That writer fella?" William Argyle Tuck, current majority stock holder of Tuck Land and Livestock, told the AGONIZING TRUTH  when asked to comment about the controversial figure who has cast shadows of concern over the town of Agony, Texas...   "He's a nice enough sort, I suppose, one of them guys you meet and want to tell your life story to..."

"I read his other books..." Clara Mudd, (Principal/manager of Agony Basin School District) told the AT. "He has a real tight, streamlined style that reads like bacon grease running down an exposed electrical wire..." Ms. Mudd said about Herndon's earlier work.  "Scary stuff...if you like that sort of thing..."

Can Herndon pull off painting a vivid picture of life here, in the hottest pit of West Texas?  And, how will he portray the many people who most of us called either mom, dad, grandma or grandpa?  Many of us remember when the events A Week in Agony...Texas took place.  But, we're more like the children of the town that once held a concentration camp...it's not the sort of thing we want to remember! 

"I'm the one who told him the story..." Dr. Charles Speck III.  "I've known S. Bond since back with I played ball...He listened to the way the story affected me, my life, why I'm even here.  Before I knew it, he had the whole thing and I was nodding that it was okay for him to use it, as he saw fit.  I felt better as soon as I gave it to him.  I've carried it around far too long..."

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