Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Binge Watching: Some new titles to enjoy over the Holidays...

Let's go back to the Sixties... "Not Fade Away"
is a familiar tale about a musical group that did not make it big...One of James Gandofini's last films, "Not Fade Away"
focuses on the changing times, attitudes and events that drove the American suburban lifestyle as Vietnam became dark news, as the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King were gunned
Huston without the mask
down, and as the American family began to loose its charm.

Inspired by the music of Bob Dylan, John Magaro plays Doug, the lead singer and main protagonist in the
Huston in his role from
Boardwalk Empire
story line.  We also enjoyed seeing Jack Huston in a role that doesn't require a mask (you may know him from Boardwalk Empire).

We gave it five stars.  Check it out...

In the same musical vein: "Losers Take All" sports a fine cast of new comers and chronicles the ups and
downs of a band of punks as they find out just how difficult the road is.

We gave this one four stars.  It's also worth the watch.

Happy Binging and Happy New Year Folks!


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