Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stephen King's: Doctor Sleep

Remember little Danny Torrance from "The Shining"?

He's back, and all grown up in Stephen King's novel "Doctor Sleep".

Picking up just after the boiler exploded in "The Shining", Danny (Doc) and his mom have survived and moved away to Florida where Danny (working with old Dick Hallorann, who had a little bit of the shining himself--if you recall) learns to deal with the ghosts that followed him from the Overlook Hotel.  

Now fully grown and following in his father's
alcoholic footsteps, Dan Torrance finally finds the road to recovery in a small New Hampshire town where he works as a hospice specialist.  His special talents help many find peace as they pass over, and gives Dan his nickname "Doctor Sleep".

There is a new evil, however: The True Knot.  A Group of RV-driving folks who are not quite human, and who live off of children that shine...

Just down the road from Dan's new digs, a little girl named Abra becomes the target for The True Knot, and Dan Torrance has to face the challenge of saving her...

The Fabulous Feathermaye and Yours Truly downloaded this one over the holidays.  Being long time King fans, we were hooked before finishing the first page (or screen, if you're reading it on a tablet like we were).

You owe yourself this spine-tingling treat of a novel.  We highly recommend it!

Are you a long time Stephen King fan?  Or, have you just discovered him?  Feel free to leave your comments, recommendations, favorites etc. below.

PS--If you love King, go discover his son Joe Hill's latest!


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