Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: Birth of the "Mountain Strong" fund raising campaign...

Whether you've spent a little time on THE MOUNTAIN in Canton, TX., or you have spent the night in one of the B&B's, roamed the lanes and shopped for something unusual, sang a little karaoke, or maybe sat on one of the many porches to listen to a singer-songwriter do his or her thing, you've tasted the magic of The Mountain, and took it with you...

You may, or may not yet know, that a fire
broke out in the wee hours of Saturday
morning 11/09/13, and the old boardwalk area, just above Buffalo Girls, was destroyed.

Old Mill Marketplace/The Mountain has established a fund raising campaign--Go Mountain Strong--to help those that lost everything, the general push to clean up and restore our wonderful MOUNTAIN, as well as a donation to the
first-responders whose gallant efforts saved the rest of the shops and B&Bs from the flames by containing them; a feat of supreme effort on their parts kept the fire from spreading and limited the potential damage

Please dig deep and help us rebuild THE MOUNTAIN and come along with us as we GO MOUNTAIN STRONG!

December market starts Thursday, November 28th, and runs through Sunday December 1st.

Come join us for a strong Christmas market!

See more from The Mountain and Old Mill Market Place here!


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